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CRP at GlobalShop 2019
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The Fab Four Takes Chicago

For more than 25 years GlobalShop has served as the retail industry’s largest design and merchandising trade show. We chose to exhibit this year to highlight our “Fab Four” – four innovations in sustainable packaging. Today’s consumer landscape is dynamic and complex. With increasing demands for convenience, sustainability, and unique brand experiences, CRP continues to push the envelope. When stopping by our booth, GlobalShop attendees engaged with both our new show-stopping and unique collection and a selection of our beautiful e-commerce packaging systems including but not limited to: Filson, Knack, Girlfriend Collective, Origins and more.


Our focus on sustainability hit a chord with many retail and e-commerce brands and we were thrilled with the feedback this collection received as attendees at our booth remarked…      

  • “Most innovative packaging we’ve seen.”

  • “Very important topic (sustainability) in our industry right now.”

  • “Refreshing to see innovation of this kind.”



Sustainability has become one of the strongest trends in our industry and most recently, we presented our “Fab Four” eco-friendly solutions for packaging in Chicago. This fabulous collection includes a reusable tote bag, shopping bag & mailer, and an e-commerce mailer & apparel bag.

  1. Reusable tote bags made of recycled PLA

  2. NEW paper shopping bags made in the USA using less paper

  3. Convertible paper mailers that changes  from mailer to shopping bag

  4. Strong compostable e-commerce mailers & apparel bags 



The GlobalShop and RetailX experience exceeded our expectations and our team left Chicago with some positive takeaways and notes:

“The show exceeded my expectations.  Brands are having the sustainability conversation internally and working toward solving a bigger problem.  We received feedback from many that they hadn’t seen anything else that was new or different and they appreciated our approach.”

– Janet Massey, Sr. Account Executive

“Many did a double take on seeing the work on Sustainability in our backdrop – it made a big impact.”

– Michael Nass, Sr. Account Executive

We are excited to carry this momentum and innovation into the remainder of the year and beyond. We believe that sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions are the future – not only for our industry, but for the world.

We’d love to talk with you about your specific packaging needs and goals. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and a representative from our team will reach out to you. For a refresh on eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions, check out our recent Sustainable Packaging blog, where we break down common terms and helpful tips!

First Photo by Sawyer Bengtson