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DIY Holiday Giftwrap

3 Easy Ways to DIY Holiday Packaging

After the whirlwind that 2020 has been, it feels like the pressure is on to make the holidays extra special this year. With Christmas just one month away, we thought we’d share some tips to help you make the season even brighter in the best way we know how: through packaging, of course!


Here are some DIY ideas to add a little sugar and spice under the tree, inspired by some of our favorite retail & e-commerce packaging programs from years past:

  1. Make your own holiday wrapping paper:

Inspired by one of our favorite holiday programs of all time, you can re-create Filson’s iconic Running Wolf motif by purchasing plain kraft wrapping paper and designing your own stamps.


DIY Version: We recommend this block printing starter kit and a roll of butcher paper to get you started.

DIY_Giftwrap copy.jpg

2. Personalize your gifts with handmade hangtags:

We love the look of these classic hangtags we produced for Crate & Barrel years ago – bold shapes can spruce up any gift.


DIY Version: Begin with some blank greeting cards, cut in half, add unique corner shapes. Use block stamp kit and white acrylic paint to add graphic, then spot paint areas where you’d like to apply glitter. Punch a hole in top and loop baker’s twine through.

DIY_Hangtags copy.jpg

3. Fill with fun

As any gift giver knows, it’s really what’s on the inside that counts. Make your gifts pop with joy by adding crinkle cut paper shred. Our client Knack loves using this element in their custom gift pairings because it not only keeps items safe during transit, but also creates a Pinterest-worthy unboxing presentation!


We hope these tips add a little extra joy to your gift giving this year. For more ideas on how to spruce up your packaging year-round, drop us a line! We’re full of ideas.