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Great Books Week
Patrick Tomasso /  Unsplash

Patrick Tomasso / Unsplash


We are always looking to recharge our creative batteries and there’s no better place to turn to than a good book. We’ve curated a list of diverse titles here:


Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits / Debbie Millman

A book full of inspiring interviews with brand and design’s greatest visionaries. Millman has conversations with such titans as Phil Duncan, the global design office of Procter & Gamble; David Butler, the VP of design at Coca-Cola; Bill Moggridge, the co-founder of IDEO, a design and innovation consulting firm; and Malcom Gladwell, Canadian journalist and author.


Creative Confidence / David and Tom Kelley

IDEO founder and Stanford University Design School creator David Kelley and his brother Tom Kelley are two leading experts in innovation, design, and creativity. In this book, they identify the principles and strategies that allow readers to tap into their creative potential in their work and personal lives while also demonstrating innovated thinking in terms of how we approach and solve problems.


Grit / Angela Duckworth

An instant New York Times bestseller written by pioneering psychologist Angela Duckworth who shows that anyone striving to succeed—be it parents, students, educators, athletes, or business people—that the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but a special blend of passion and persistence she calls “grit.”


Shoe Dog / Phil Knight

The autobiography of Nike’s founder Phil Knight, who at last decided to share the story of how he founded one of the most iconic, profitable and world-changing brands in the world.