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Behind the Scenes: Holiday Gift Part 1

Behind the Scenes: Holiday Gift Part 1

Inspired by our mantra, Every Experience Matters, we challenged ourselves to create a meaningful holiday gift that evokes the “holiday spirit.” With our doorsteps adorned with packages throughout the holidays, we wanted to breathe festivity into the standard corrugate shipping box. Read on for a behind the scenes look at how we brought our ideas to life.


For most of us, the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas evoke wonderful memories connecting us with the past. What better way to share in the holiday spirit than to package each up and send them to our friends.

From structural design to graphics, our goal was to incorporate elements that would encourage interaction and amplify the impact of each of the five senses. We searched for inspiration in our sample room, on the web, and in unexpected places like the sushi spot around the corner. Once we gathered all the images and samples together, we created mood boards to capture the essence of the gift.


Our structural designer used the ideas and inspiration depicted on our mood boards to draw several concept sketches. Careful consideration was given as she explored ways to encourage and guide the recipient to experience each sense individually, leading them through a surprising and delightful journey.

After the structure was selected our design team generated 3D models to give us our first realistic look at the box. We fine-tuned and problem solved our way to a final solution and handed the box over to our factory to begin the prototype phase.


The five senses are designed to be the centerpiece of the experience. Minimal graphics serve to guide the recipient’s journey and highlight each present inside. Pops of color and nostalgic hand-drawn illustrations add a special touch of old world Christmas.

Check back soon to see the final product in our next post, “Behind the Scenes: Holiday Gift Part 2.”