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Hungry For Design: Shareable Restaurant Experiences
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Just as a chef meticulously plans his or her menu at the beginning of each week or season, restaurants must also cater to customers’ visual tastes – creating appealing dishes, tables, and aesthetics that are shareable moments waiting to happen.

Restaurants are leveraging Instagram as an effective marketing tactic to complement and enhance brand impressions through packaging, interior and food design. In today’s world, dining – whether it be fast, casual, fine, or somewhere in between – has become an experience shared not only with the people sitting at the table, but with hundreds or thousands of their friends on social media.

Restaurants can use the details of design in the dining space, on the plate, and in their packaging to tell a strong narrative and build their brand. Noteworthy design has the power to change the way customers interact with any space or product; and it is no secret that customers can help build a business by hitting the ”upload” and “share” buttons. We look no further than our own clients who have cooked up the perfect recipe of design and strong brand presence that bring their brands to life on and offline.


Tiny’s Milk & Cookies (Houston, TX)

One of our most Instagram friendly clients, Tiny’s Milk & Cookies, comes in the form of a walk-up bakery, coffee and ice cream shop in the heart of Houston. The refined country storefront made from shiplap, painted their primary brand shade of blue, and rustic barn doors makes for the perfect “Instagrammable” moment as customers pose with their cookies and ice cream cones. The brand identity system including the handcrafted logos, strategic messaging, and inviting packaging delivers on their mission to “make each and every experience a memorable one.”


Hot Cakes (Seattle, WA)

Located in Seattle, WA, Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery has grown into a well-respected brand in the specialty dessert industry. Built upon the love for the outdoors paired with a big passion for chocolate, the Hot Cakes brand presence is clearly communicated through packaging, marketing collateral, and storefront design that conveys a warm, environmentally friendly look, tone, and feel. The unique patterns and rich color palette convey an earthy, yet high-end aesthetic that keeps the customers coming back no matter the season.


Common Bond Cafe & Bakery (Houston, TX)

In less than six months after its opening in 2014, Common Bond was deemed one of the hottest restaurants in American by Zagat, making it no secret they had uncovered the secret to making world class cuisine accessible to everyone. Great cuisine needs great packaging and after an audit of their packaging program, the brand’s personality shined through. The packaging system has a contemporary, yet nostalgic feel and the bright pops of color on the bakery bags often make their way into the background of customer’s photos.