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Linking Branding and Packaging



So many businesses open everyday and compete for the attention of the public. In 2020 alone, a year that shook up the global economy, 804,398 new businesses were formed in the United States. This makes for a diverse yet very saturated landscape that makes it crucial to stand out amongst the crowd.

This spike in entrepreneurship can be chalked up to the internet age, making it a more accessible pursuit. With that in mind, succeeding comes down to creating a brand, identity, and logo that is distinct enough to make an impression on consumers. A good example of branded marketing that taps into these three essentials is the Tiny’s Milk and Cookies logo.

 If you’re aspiring to generate some buzz around your business, take note of these essentials in linking branding and packaging.

Picking the right name

It all starts with a good name that is easy to remember, represents your core messaging, and can be transferred onto a logo. Your name is essentially the hallmark of your identity, and can inform whatever other creative details will come later on. It’s your distinction, and can even be a clincher depending where you’re located.

In fact, the very first step of establishing your LLC in Texas is deciding on an official name for your company. It could be as straightforward as “Top of Texas Plumbing” or more creative like “It’s a Punjabi Affair.” Notice though how both of those successful Texan businesses use unique names to brand themselves. This is especially important if you deal with products that are being sold in shops.

Creating your persona

After you’ve decided on a name, you want to create a specific vibe that immediately says who you are and what you bring to the table. Always consider the first time someone might spot your products. Your logo, whether it’s an icon or a wordmark, should be something that can work with a variety of materials, so you’re not stuck to one type of packaging. With that in mind, you can then pick a signature color palette and typeface that ties all of your products together. This way, whether someone is buying a pair of headphones or a box of cookies, they’ll know exactly where it came from.

When your brand persona comes through even in your packaging, this consistency adds credibility and gives you a better chance at retaining brand loyalty. With the onset of social media, you can essentially add more of a voice to your branding. If you tie that in with your packaging, consumers feel more connected. And customer perception is one of the biggest players in brand loyalty.

Attracting your target market

Once you’ve settled on the materials and content that fully represents who you are, you’ll need to take into account market behavior. Certain visual aspects simply attract specific groups more and color their perception. For instance, an empirical study done in Pennsylvania and Colombia showed how color and shape influence buyer associations. In this case, orange juice bottles with a black cap, square bottle, and nature-evoking colors were perceived as higher quality especially as prices increased.

Minute details like this can make all the difference when someone is making up their mind about your product. It’s also a good idea to take sustainability into account. According to the 2019 Retail and Sustainability Survey, consumers are more environmentally-conscious about their purchases nowadays. Younger shoppers are especially selective and are more likely to support brands that align with their eco-awareness.

These are simply the basics that you’ll want to focus on if you aim to effectively bridge your brand to your packaging.

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