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Royale Couple


CRP recently connected with Seattle’s renowned bakery and creamery Cupcake Royale to design promotional signage for their brick and mortar storefronts. During the summer, the company releases new, locally sourced ice cream flavors of the month while keeping their favorites on hand for their biggest fans. The goal of this signage program was to create a flexible seasonal campaign that achieved three goals for Cupcake Royale:

  1. to boldly draw attention to the company’s storefronts,

  2. to increase customer awareness that they now serve ice cream alongside their famously delicious cupcakes, and

  3. to maintain a unique, grassroots feel at each neighborhood location.

In celebrating the brand’s unconventional personality, we created characters that personify their cupcakes and ice cream as Best Friends Forever, or BFFs. The program features editable vinyl quote bubbles to allow store managers the flexibility to create a witty dialog between the two or advertise the flavors of the month. In support of the city’s LGBT community, the “double rainbow connection” between the two alludes to the support of a union between cupcakes and ice cream – two sweets that are “better together.”The BFFs work perfectly with Cupcake Royale’s smart and edgy disposition, offering a charmingly relatable brand impression that engages crowds of all ages.

The next time you have a hankering for a sweet fix in Seattle, we encourage you to stop by and try our favorite: Salted Caramel Cupcake Ice Cream. Like they say, it “does a booty good.”

Promotional Signage Double Rainbow with a Cupcake and Ice Cream Cone in Crowns. "You're so sweet." & "You make me melt."

Promotional Signage Double Rainbow with a Cupcake and Ice Cream Cone in Crowns. “You’re so sweet.” & “You make me melt.”

Promotional Signage "You make me melt" Ice Cream Cone and "You're So sweet" Cupcake

Promotional Signage “You make me melt” Ice Cream Cone and “You’re So sweet” Cupcake