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Tie Portfolio

Introducing the New Tie Portfolio

The necktie has evolved from a must-have clothing accessory for men into a conversational piece. Colors, patterns, and styles have become more bold and abstract – making it the perfect way to express one’s personality and add flare to any casual or elegant ensemble. 

Conversely, for the past 40 years, the tie box has remained relatively unchanged. At CRP, we took it upon ourselves to challenge the familiar two-piece rigid box with a more streamlined, efficient, and user friendly design. As such, we invented the Tie Portfolio: a new, sleek packaging item that changes how this everyday menswear basic is merchandised, stored, and used beyond the purchase itself.


Our patent pending design meets the demands of a rapidly changing retail environment with its compactness, reusability, and exceptional quality. From an operations perspective, the Tie Portfolio addresses pain points for both merchandising and inventory control, replacing the classic two-piece box + tissue with a one-piece SKU. This inventive product is new to the market and gives menswear retailers and e-commerce companies a fresh way to elevate their customer experience. 


Built upon high quality craftsmanship, the Tie Portfolio offers a beautiful, innovative solution for tie storage and is most certainly an eye catcher with its contemporary, beautiful style. With a tri-fold layout and magnetic closures, the portfolio easily folds flat. The luxurious interior material + elastic band hold any tie snug in place and protect its integrity while in transit or packed away in a suitcase. It is designed for multiple uses and its compact, flat design takes up less space in a suitcase, a warehouse, and store. 

A blank slate by nature, it is highly customizable through the use of specialty papers, graphics, ribbons, and cords. Its durability and reusability ensure multiple brand impressions beyond the initial purchase.



The Tie Portfolio is comprised of board laminated with specialty paper on the outside, microfiber on the inside, and hidden magnets for a simple closure. The microfiber lining has an elegant feel and look, making for a high-end experience. However, this material serves a purpose far more important than aesthetic appeal; it keeps the tie in place and ensures that its quality is maintained and preserved.

The portfolio may include a polyproplene lamination (BOPP) for customization, as well as printing, hot-stamping, and additional features such as an inside strap to hold the tie in place. The exterior flap and pull tab can be customized in shape, color and print, creating a personalized and meaningful experience for the customer. 



As brands look for ways to elevate or substantiate their retail presence, the patent-pending Tie Portfolio offers a new, sleek, and customizable way to revolutionize the customer experience through packaging.