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Navigating the Single-Use Bag Ban


If you live in Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, or any of the growing list of municipalities adopting Single-Use Bag Ban legislation, chances are you have a stock pile of reusable bags in your pantry, trunk, office, backpack…pretty much everywhere. Either that or you live in a city where plastic grocery bags still exist and paper bags are free. Whatever your situation, you’ve likely heard about changes in bag legislation. While it has yet to hit at a state or national level, local ordinances banning single-use bags are spreading. At CRP, we actively monitor these ordinances – before and after they are enacted – to help our clients develop a packaging program that is compliant across all storefront locations.

Bag Ban legislation can vary from city to city and failure to comply can result in fines and legal action from the local government. Rules surrounding mandatory fees, printed phrases, recycled content, wall thickness can differ according to municipality. And if your company has locations across dozens of bans, designing a packaging program that meets all legislation is a challenging task. At CRP, we have staff monitoring Single-Use Bag Ban legislation, saving our clients time, resources, and headaches. We perform the following activities to help our clients stay up-to-date and compliant with bag ban legislation:

  • Packaging program evaluations & recommendations
  • Individual store list audit
  • New bag ban notification reports
  • Compilation of legislation updates
  • Research into local retail ordinance requirements
  • Direct contact with local bag ban jurisdictions
  • Personal contact with clients regarding upcoming bans

 At CRP, we have staff monitoring Single-Use Bag Ban legislation, saving our clients time, resources, and headaches.

As our industry changes, new opportunities are emerging. Well-designed custom reusable bags are becoming of part of people’s lives for years. Packaging programs are evolving to be more than just a logo on a bag – but rather a marketing tool that can emphasize company culture and social awareness. This shift can take a product that used to be an expense to your company and reinvent it as a new profit center.

Is this lofty rhetoric for a new packaging program? Maybe. But we want to excite you and have you think of all the options and opportunities a new program could have in store for you. Meanwhile, we will be here in the background, sifting through piles of legislation and city council meeting minutes so you can focus on the fun part while working with us.

If you have one location or 10,000, we have services available to help you make a shift in your packaging program as needed. Our constantly updated database is available to our clients to help determine which of your stores are affected or could be in the near future. To learn more about how CRP can help you navigate the Bag Ban, feel free to contact us any time at [email protected].