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WAREHOUSING + Distribution

Forecast, STORE And Deliver

Our range of customizable logistics services help you navigate how and when your packaging is shipped from the factory to your desired location.

With our own distribution center strategically located in Houston, TX, we offer practical warehousing and distribution solutions that can help manage inventory and optimize your supply chain.

How we CAN help

Manage Your Supply Chain From Production Through Operations

CRP is known industry-wide for our customer service and attention to detail. We handle the manufacturing, distribution, and inventory management for national brands to keep them operating smoothly. The support we provide helps you maintain an accurate flow of product at the store level and a healthy budget at the corporate level. As a result, we are honored to have been recognized as a top vendor partner by clients such as REI, Gap, Ann Taylor, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

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Warehousing & DISTRIBUTION

CRP owns and operates our own distribution center, strategically located in Houston, TX. We are within two business days of all major metropolitan areas, ensuring timely and accurate delivery to your door while minimizing shipping costs and transit times.

Customized Shipping

Coordinating time and budgets associated with shipping can be a challenge. CRP allows you to choose your shipping method, including either pre-paid shipping on your own account or our corporate discounted rates for domestic, international and express shipments.

Reliable Metrics

We create customized reporting to help you keep track of metrics. Our usage and invoicing reports are completed weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on your needs. In addition to usage reports, we also provide forecasting data to assist with purchasing schedules and efficient product flow.


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