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RockLove Jewelry Box Design


CRP partnered with RockLove Jewelry to design the structure of their jewelry boxes. Where fandom and fashion collide, RockLove caters to fans by crafting collectible jewelry based on franchises loved by all ages.

Founder Allison Cimino approached CRP to create a unique box for the upcoming Star Wars line to be released at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. We wanted to deliver a packaging system that not only showcased the beauty of the jewelry, but also served as a keepsake collector’s piece. Each concept presented to RockLove was a nod to the Star Wars franchise. During the initial ideation, we drew inspiration directly from the Star Wars films. The franchise in its entirety features a unique shape language that is recognizable and nostalgic.


The first phase included hand sketches to develop the basic shape and functionality of the box. The product line features pendants, coin pendants, a ring, and earrings; thus requiring versatility to house various pieces of jewelry.

To address this challenge, the first concepts included a spring-loaded drawer box, and a telescope box with display stand. Within the box, the jewelry is housed vertically instead of lying flat to draw the eye of the viewer to the product.

StarWarsXRockLove_Sketches_ForWEB (1).jpg
StarWarsXRockLove_SketchesForWEB (2).jpg

Once RockLove chose their concept, the rendering phase brought the concept life and helped us visualize the graphic possibilities that would set this box apart from its competitors.

To create the custom unboxing experience, the lid lifts off the base creating a grand reveal of the jewelry. The pendants are suspended from the top of the packaging to appear as if the piece were floating. The interior graphics create a sense of warp speed movement for pieces set into the insert. When the jewelry is not being worn, the box also functions as a display piece.

The end result is a lift off lid with silver embossing of the Star Wars X RockLove lock up. When the lid is shifted upward, the viewer is greeted with the words “May the force be with you,” and then set under the base for an open display. The overall effect creates an instant fan favorite.

contact us to create a custom unboxing experience of your own.