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Six Reasons Why We Love Six Strawberries


Six Strawberries, Seattle’s first artisan ice-pops company and bicycle food cart, is taking the Emerald City by storm – and CRP couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of its success. Here are six reasons why we love Six Strawberries (and why you should too!):

  1. The brand is founded by an awesome husband-and-wife duo, Vanessa Resler and Will Lemke. She is a self-proclaimed “recovering CPA” turned Karaoke Host, while he is a creative filmmaker by day and a graphic designer by night.

  2. They have a touching story. Vanessa and Will founded the company to help fulfill the dying wish of their “cousin, brother, friend, and honorary third-founder,” Alex Goldberg. As a family run company ourselves, we appreciate the dedication to family and keeping a loved one’s passion alive.

  3. They use all natural ingredients. True to its name, the ice-pops company carries six all-natural and dairy-free “house” flavors packed with a variety of seasonal and equally delicious tastes on rotation. From blueberry lemonade to childhood favorite PB&J, these inventive flavors were sparked from the imagination of Alex and brought to life by Vanessa and Will.

  4. They support other local companies. The duo gives back to the local community by partnering with other Pacific Northwest companies such as Simple & Crisp, Theo Chocolates, and Stumptown Coffee to add a delicious local flavor fusion!

  5. They’re fun to work with. As the ice-pop shop on wheels quickly gains popularity across the Seattle food scene, demand for the pops is outgrowing production. So, Vanessa and Will came to CRP for help. It was our pleasure to help them come up with a custom, coordinated packaging program in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

  6. They throw awesome parties. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, Six Strawberries sure knows how to host! We were able to attend their summer launch party at The Canal and had an absolute blast. Everything was well thought out. From the creativity of the product display (pops in champagne glasses!) to the intimacy of the crowd, the vibe was energetic and true to the brand’s mission.

Here at CRP, we are just a handful of the growing Six Strawberries fan base, including FoodHipster206Seattle Met, and famed-musician/fellow Seattleite, Macklemore. This is the kind of innovative, energetic, and flat-out delicious brand that keeps us all coming back for more. Next time you’re in Seattle, be sure to follow the Six Strawberries bike cart on Twitter or Facebook to flag down some local flavor.

Six Strawberries Launch Party

Six Strawberries Launch Party

Six Strawberries Launch Party

Six Strawberries Launch Party

All images courtesy of Six Strawberries