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Getting to Know You: The Discovery Process with a Creative Packaging Company (Part 1)
Getting to know our customers as a strategic packaging supplier.

Getting to Know You: The Discovery Process with a Creative Packaging Company (Part 1)

At Creative Retail Packaging, we live, breathe, and design around the motto “Every Experience Matters.” This mantra applies to every step in our custom packaging process — from ideation to delivery — as a creative packaging company. 

If you’re a buyer looking for custom packaging, you aren’t just looking for a bag or a box; you want a packaging program that meets all of your criteria. That may include budget, design specs, operational efficiency, shipping limitations, and timeline, to name a few. On top of that, you aim to deliver an experience that makes your end customer say, “wow,” when they unbox their product. 

Today, getting a product in the hands of the customer undamaged and intact is simply the bare minimum. But to stand out, you have under seven seconds to make a bold impression. 

That’s where it pays off to find a packaging procurement partner that asks the right questions. In this first blog of our mini series, “Getting to Know You,” we will explore the early steps in our collaborative Discovery Process that we, as a creative packaging company, take to fully understand you, as a customer. We take a full, 360-degree look at your brand, unique needs and specifications, pain points, target customers and more to develop packaging solutions that are right for your business.


1) Doing our homework

Whether you are a retailer, e-commerce company, or restaurant, our goal is to meet you at every stage of your packaging procurement journey. Before our first meeting together, we perform initial research to ensure that we come to the table prepared with ideas for you. We may order your product or visit your store or restaurant, asking ourselves questions such as:

  • What does your packaging program consist of?
  • What is the customer experiencing?
  • Are there areas of improvement we’d suggest?
  • Where would you see the most ROI if you were to make the investment in custom packaging?
  • Does your packaging tell a sustainability story? Could it be improved?
  • Is your packaging operationally efficient?

Then we look at your competitors, the state of the market, supply chain news, etc. so we can guide an informed Discovery Meeting regarding your business goals.

The Creative Process With a Creative Retail Packaging Company - David Donahue, CRP client


Whether your goal is to design a packaging program from scratch or value engineer an existing program, our Discovery Meeting is where we aim to understand your business goals and the full parameters of your packaging scope. Below are a few examples of project parameters that help us determine the best solution for you: 

Product Specifications

  • Do you know what type of packaging you’re looking for, or do you need us to help generate ideas?
  • What sizes are best for your product assortment?
  • What materials/substrates are you interested in?
  • What print specifications and/or finishes are important to you?
  • What is the most important aspect of quality to consider in your packaging (i.e., durability, print, materials, etc.)?


  • Do you need an immediate solution or can you invest in longer lead times to ensure you’re choosing the right product?

Supply Chain Optimization

  • Are you looking to diversify your supplier base? If so, would you prefer to keep your packaging manufacturing domestic?
  • Are there any countries of origin you would prefer to explore and/or avoid?


  • What does sustainability mean to your business, and how can we help achieve your goals?
  • Are you interested in using sustainable materials? 
  • What is most important: reusability, recyclability, compostability, recycled content? 
  • Are you looking to minimize your carbon footprint via your supply chain?


  • What is your order frequency?
  • Do you need product storage? For how long?
  • What is your distribution schedule?
  • How do you need your product case-packed and/or palletized?
  • Do you know your budget?
  • Have you considered the highest threshold for your budget? We are experts at providing alternative and creative solutions to meet your budgetary goals.
Client FILSON Partnered for Complete Custom Packaging Solution

Once we have our marching orders, we go to work to develop solutions we feel best fit your needs. Our team knows how to produce beautiful, yet efficient custom packaging programs with the desired components of your brand experience to deliver an experience that matters for both your business and your end customers.

In our next blog of this series, we will dive deeper into the Development process: how we narrow down solutions that fit your operational needs, sustainability goals, etc., all while staying within your budget.

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