Cavender's paper twist handle paper bags



In 2021, CRP started working with Cavender’s and their packaging program to supply retail and e-commerce packaging components. 

We also started managing the warehousing and distribution of packaging materials to Cavender’s 96 stores.

In this case study, you’ll discover how CRP provided Cavender’s with a comprehensive packaging program and efficient supply chain management.


Founded in 1965 in Pittsburg, Texas, Cavender’s began as a small venture by James and Pat Cavender. 

The company experienced rapid growth in the 1970s, fueled by trends like the Urban Cowboy craze and partnerships with icons like George Strait. 

During this growth, Cavender’s maintained their unwavering commitment to responsive customer service and offering quality products at affordable prices. 

Recognized as a top retailer for Western wear brands, Cavender’s was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2019.

Cavender’s ethos, deeply rooted in Western lifestyle and values, is captured in their motto: “Don’t Just Wear It, Live It!”

Photo of Cavender’s store interior, courtesy of Cowgirl Magazine


Cavender's Diverse Needs for Custom Retail & E-Commerce Packaging

The initial phase of the partnership involved CRP preparing detailed quotes for a diverse range of products that would meet Cavender’s needs. The list included a full suite of custom retail packaging including paper shopping bags, custom tissue, garment bags, poly mailers, bubble mailers, and plastic shopping bags. Additionally, we were tasked with coordinating manufacturing timelines with product phase in timing and managing warehousing and distribution.


AN EnhancED Custom Packaging Program with a Suite of Solutions

CRP and Cavender’s reviewed operational and packaging needs through organized planning, prompt action, and proactive communication.

The strategic approach was comprehensive to ensure every aspect of the packaging program was taken into account. 

Organizing each component was vital to fostering confidence. Here’s how we did it.

Cavender's Custom Packaging by Creative Retail Packaging


Cavender’s prioritized color matching in their e-commerce and retail packaging for consistency in their brand identity. 

Facing challenges posed by different substrates, we managed to achieve uniform color across all packaging products. 

Stringent quality control was vital in maintaining consistency across varied production lines.


CRP enhanced Cavender’s operational efficiency with our seamless warehousing and distribution services. This included storing and shipping packaging supplies to all 96 Cavender’s stores.

Key to the program’s success was CRP’s detailed inventory management with regular reports of usage patterns. 

We provided forecasts for Cavender’s future packaging needs by analyzing only six months of data. 

This maintained optimal inventory levels and ensured preparedness for seasonal fluctuations in demand.



The following sections highlight each item CRP provided to Cavender’s.

Paper Shopping Bags

The combination of durability and aesthetic appeal further enhanced Cavender’s shopping experience for their customers.

Cavender's paper twist handle paper bags
Cavender's paper twist handle paper bags

Custom Tissue Paper

This packaging material enhances the unboxing experience for customers and reinforces Cavender’s brand identity in every package.

Cavender's custom tissue paper by Creative Retail Packaging

Plastic Shopping Bags

The plastic shopping bags stood out as a notable success in CRP’s color-matching expertise. We collaborated with Canvender’s team to match their desired PMS color.

Cavender's plastic bags by Creative Retail Packaging

Poly Mailers

CRP achieved dual objectives of functionality and branding with custom poly mailers. The durable material protects products during transit, while the custom printing serves as mobile advertisements.

Cavender's custom poly mailers by Creative Retail Packaging

Bubble Mailers

These bubble mailers are essential for products needing extra protection on their journey to the customer. These bubble mailers were branded with Cavender’s logo to further their branding objectives.

Cavender's Bubble Mailers by Creative Retail Packaging

Gift Boxes for Holidays

The custom gift boxes stood out for their exceptional design and functionality while gaining special prominence during the holiday season.


Make your operations more agile with a strategic packaging partner. We provide an experience defined by innovation and efficiency. Let us handle your packaging program while you focus on the bigger picture. Partner with CRP to create your custom packaging today.


Paper Bags

Plastic Bags

Garment Bags

Poly Mailers

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