Range of FleetFeet products showcased in a group layout.



The Challenge:

To kick off the 2018 holiday season, Creative Retail Packaging was tasked with creating a gift program for 180 Fleet Feet store locations nationwide to celebrate their Friends and Family Holiday Special Events.

The Solutions:

We coordinated the distribution of a variety of gift items and produced beautifully made packaging elements to complete a gorgeous, unified program. Various print and color matching techniques were used to ensure consistency so that Fleet Feet’s brand standards (i.e. their signature blue) were cohesive throughout all components.

  • Collapsible Gift Box:

    • Folded and shipped flat, but was also required to house multiple gift items (i.e. coffee, a coffee mug, t-shirt, and sunglasses) and later double as box large enough to perfectly fit a pair of running shoes

    • Shipped in small volume and constructed as needed

  • Ribbon:

    • Silver and printed with Fleet Feet’s blue logo

  • Tissue:

    • Color matched (in blue) to meet brand standards and printed with Fleet Feet’s logo in silver

  • Gift Wrap:

    • Blue and printed with Fleet Feet’s silver logo

  • Labels:

    • Circular silver label printed with Fleet Feet’s blue logo


We love to go above and beyond for our clients, which is why CRP acted as a one-stop-shop for each store and managed the coordination and packing of each individual order. As the consolidator for Fleet Feet, we worked with corporate, each brick and mortar location, and vendors to ensure that the distribution of all items and packaging materials were correct and carefully packed for safe travels!

The Result:

We achieved the perfect look and feel in Fleet Feet’s packaging system for their Friends and Family Holiday Special Events. The innovative packaging system beautifully housed the various hand-picked items and transformed into a keepsake box to store their customers’ favorite running shoes. 


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