Creative Retail Packaging's Origins product design showcasing its design skills



Beauty and skincare company, Origins, reached out to CRP for their 2016 holiday gift boxes. With structural designs in-hand, along with vibrant artwork, inspired by their worldly botanical roots, they needed a partner to seamlessly execute the program.

At CRP we always look to create visually stunning packaging experiences that are also consistent and efficient. With that in mind, we introduced the concept of pre-tied bows to Origins, which offered some great advantages including the following:

HIGHLY CONSISTENT – Every bow & bow tail arrives perfectly tied for each box.

INVENTORY SPACE – Ensures a one-to-one ratio of box to ribbon, and eliminates the need to manually pull and measure lengths of ribbon for each unit.

PRICING – Pre-tied bows are competitively priced compared with spools of ribbon and the cost of labor.

The result of the collaboration was an elevated holiday experience for both Origins and their customers.


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