Image of custom luxury packaging design for Roseur by Creative Retail Packaging


E-Commerce Packaging

Roseur, an emerging specialty online florist, is bursting through the e-commerce gift industry providing luxury roses that are anything but your typical floral delivery experience. The company’s founders Sarah and Allan partnered with CRP to transform a traditionally unromantic floral delivery experience into a luxurious moment to be remembered. CRP pushed conventional production boundaries to bring every detail of their signature gift box to life. From consistent print quality and finishes—in color, varnish, and pattern direction—to the elevated use of a utilitarian material, CRP rose to the top in developing a range of processes and structural componentry to ensure crisp print registration and secure transfer of product. The overall effect is uniquely experiential—at every touchpoint.

Photography copyright 2016 © Sarah Berends | Roseur Fine Roses


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