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Getting to Know You: The Design Process With a Creative Packaging Company (Part 3)
The Creative Process With a Creative Retail Packaging Company - David Donahue, CRP client

Getting to Know You: The Design Process With a Creative Packaging Company (Part 3)

As the face of your brand, packaging speaks volumes about your brand’s story, ethos, and quality. The Paper and Packaging Board and IPSOS conducted a study and found that 72% of consumers agree that packaging design can influence their purchasing decision. This eye-opening statistic makes your packaging design paramount to acquiring new customers and building lasting relationships.

In our last blog post, Getting To Know You: The Development Process With a Creative Packaging Company (Part 2), we explored the developmental process with Creative Retail Packaging (CRP). 

Now, we’re excited to pivot and explore the design process where we leverage our creativity to develop your custom packaging solutions. So, let’s venture into this stage of your packaging development and uncover our Art Department’s pivotal role in amplifying your brand’s presence in the marketplace.

The Creative Process With a Creative Retail Packaging Company - Specialty's, CRP client


The Art Department at CRP stands at the nexus of the design phase. They formulate your custom packaging solutions with a unique blend of creativity, function, and brand alignment. Whether working with your team or taking the reins, CRP’s Art Department delivers a customized experience at every stage of the design process. 

As an experienced creative packaging company, we understand each client engagement is unique. Our involvement hinges on your company’s size, capabilities, and whether you’re a new or existing client. Acting as your guide throughout this process, the CRP Art Department ensures that your packaging reflects the essence of your brand and keeps your customers coming back for more.

The Kick-off Meeting With Your Strategic Packaging Partner

Our team meets you wherever you are in the packaging development process and learns about your goals with a kick-off meeting. With an understanding of your needs and capabilities, we can hit the ground running. Whether it’s a new project, enhancing an existing design, or implementing sustainable initiatives, CRP is here to help you curate the best custom packaging solutions.

New Custom Packaging Projects

For new packaging projects, our primary goal is to grasp your vision, align with your requirements, and understand your capabilities. This allows us to build an efficient and productive framework for collaboration.

Existing Custom Packaging Projects

If you’re looking to revamp your current packaging design, we pay keen attention to your feedback on what’s working and what’s not. We collaborate with you to help with any updates to size, construction, and overall design. This feedback is vital for refining and improving the design while adapting to your evolving needs and market trends.

Custom Packaging Solutions for Large Enterprises

Working with large enterprises often involves collaboration with your existing design team. At CRP, we practice exceptional communication and customer service. Our experience working alongside other design teams has produced many successful results.

Sustainability Initiatives for Your Custom Packaging

With the increasing concern about packaging’s environmental impact, sustainable packaging has become the preferred choice for forward-thinking brands. Sustainable packaging has multiple benefits, including reduced carbon footprint, positive brand image, and cost-effectiveness. As your creative packaging company, we’re committed to helping you implement a sustainable packaging program with multiple types of materials friendly to the environment.

Defining Your Brand’s Image With Custom Packaging Designs

CRP’s Art Department weaves your branding elements into custom packaging designs that truly personify your brand’s personality. This involves matching your color palette, fonts, logo design, and creating the perfect dieline for your custom packaging solutions.

Creative Packaging Company Creative Process Swatches

Matching Your Color Palette

Whether you use CMYK or Pantone Matching Values (PMS), our team ensures accurate color representation on various substrates to keep your branding consistent.

Incorporating Your Fonts

Our design team adheres to your specific font usage instructions. This ensures the typography matches your brand’s visual aesthetics.

Replicating Your Logo Design

Maintaining brand recognition across all your customer’s touch points is crucial. CRP’s Art Department creates digital mockups to ensure your logo matches perfectly with your existing brand guidelines. 

Providing Digital Markups

At CRP, we believe in the power of visualization. To ensure your packaging solution aligns with your vision, we offer digital mockups that allow you to view the final product before production.

Creating the Dieline

CRP produces an accurate dieline to serve as a template and ensures the layout of the final packaging product aligns perfectly with your specifications.

Curating the Best Custom Packaging Samples

Our approach to curating packaging samples is comprehensive. We consider your product’s dimensions, innovative packaging trends, paper types, packaging finishes, and your sustainability goals.

The Creative Process With a Creative Retail Packaging Company

Your Product’s Dimensions

We factor in your product’s size, weight, and fragility. Every dimension is carefully considered to ensure optimal fit and protection for your products.

Innovative Packaging Trends and Technologies

Staying ahead of packaging trends and technologies can elevate your brand by enhancing your customer’s experience. As your creative packaging company, we’ll help you leverage these innovations to your brand’s advantage.

Product & Finish Samples

We select materials and finishes that complement your brand. This includes paper types, tissue, hang tags, handle materials, and bag designs. Matte and gloss laminated finishes, embossed creative, and foil-stamped designs are just a few examples of what we can bring to the table.

Ensuring Your Custom Packaging Solutions Personify Your Brand

At CRP, we approach our design process as a carefully crafted art form that blends precision, passion, and unwavering attention to detail. From concept to the final product, each stage of our design process adheres to a stringent protocol.


We employ rigorous proofing stages and prioritize quality control. Team members cross-check each design element to provide an extra layer of assurance. Color accuracy is verified via drawdowns or pre-production proofs. This process guarantees your packaging design has been faithfully reproduced.


We view your packaging as an extension of your brand intended to provide customers joy as they unveil your products. With CRP as your creative packaging company, you can deliver a phenomenal customer experience with each unboxing.

Choose CRP as Your Creative Packaging Company

The Creative Process With a Creative Retail Packaging Company - Tootsies, CRP client

CRP’s Art Department guides you through an efficient and collaborative process to ensure that your custom packaging solutions exceed your expectations. In our next blog post of this series, we will explore the vital role of the logistics department in delivering your custom packaging solutions to the right place at the right time.


Excited about transforming your packaging design with us? Schedule a call with CRP today and let’s embark on a journey to create custom packaging solutions that will set your brand apart from the competition. 

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