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All Boxed Up


Subscription boxes have taken over our social media feeds and front doorsteps. From beauty and wellness to food, beverage and fashion – your needs can be curated, boxed and delivered right do your front door. The industry has experienced a 100 percent growth year-over-year for the past five years, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Fifty-five percent of all subscriptions are curation-based and 15% of all online shoppers are signed up for one or more subscriptions to receive products on a recurring basis, according to Forbes.

What we love about subscription boxes

  • Anticipation
    Although consumers have control over product, timing and delivery, perhaps one of the most surprising contributors to the success of these boxes is the element of anticipation. Once subscribed and ordered, it may take weeks for the box to arrive; but, this has proven to be one more thing to look forward to each month. It is a continuous cycle of anticipating the delivery of the next box and there are websites, social media accounts and youtube channels dedicated to box subscribers opening their boxes. 

  • Discovery
    To increase customer excitement, brands must offer something customers may not be expecting and subscriptions are an ideal instrument for surprise. While some companies boast exclusive access to limited edition products, others curate selections to specifically fit the interests of individual subscribers. The magic of joining a subscription service is gaining exposure to products completely off the radar. Whether it’s a new clothing brand or a neat line of healthy snacks, subscription boxes are all about expanding horizons.

  • Design Details
    No longer will plain cardboard cut it – the best subscription boxes are the ones that offer a cohesive experience right from the moment they arrive. A monthly subscription box is a gift buyers send to themselves and the presentation and personalization matters. In fact, this interaction with the brand a big part of what makes them so appealing in the first place. If the doorstep is the new storefront, the unboxing is the in-store experience, only customized.

Subscription services are feeding consumers’ voracious appetite for convenient, highly-personalized experiences. To be successful in this business, retailers must hone in on their target markets and curate an experience that resonate with their core consumer.

With over 6,000 subscription boxes (and counting) to select from, we’ve narrowed it down to a list of five.

Top Five Subscription Boxes to Try this Spring:

1.       Papirmass

Papirmass shines a light on up-and-coming artists while shining a light on your creative side as well! Within each box is an art print, an interview with that artist, and a card paired with a creative activity. The mailers these items are sent in are also works of art themselves, and generally reflect the aesthetic theme of what’s inside. Papirmass aims to inspire everyone’s creative whims, regardless of their skill level. 

2.       Vinebox

Vinebox sends customers a curated selection of wine from all over the world, all from small-scale winemakers. It’s essentially a wine tasting sent to your doorstep! Each box contains three “glasses;” and their use of patented fractioning technology prevents the wine from oxygenating, ensuring that the wine will still be fresh when it’s delivered. 

3.       CAUSEBOX
CAUSEBOX aims to help you treat yourself and give back. Each box contains a variety of products (anything from beauty to housewares and apparel) made by socially conscious brands and independent makers from all over the world. The box’s exterior is designed by local, independent artists, and each box contains a beautiful booklet highlighting how each item inside is related to a particular cause or community. 

4.      Urthbox
Urthbox promotes healthy snacking by sending a box full of organic treats that are as good for you as they are to snack on. With boxes that can be customized to suit your dietary needs, Urthbox sends a variety of up to 30 full-sized items. Their strict product standards – which take into account not only ingredients, but also information regarding sourcing, nutrition, calories, and the manufacturing process – ensure each snack is one you can feel good about.

5.      Foot Cardigan
Foot Cardigan stands out from other sock subscriptions with their vibrant and eye-catching patterns. Their subscription service sends one mystery pair a month, and because Foot Cardigan has such a huge variety of designs, you never have to worry about receiving the same pair twice! Foot Cardigan promises you’ll never wear boring socks again, and with their subscription service it’s one they certainly make good on.