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United Fresh #BrandStorm Conference

CRP traveled to San Francisco this past November to speak at the third annual United Fresh Produce Association #BrandStorm conference. BrandStorm is a project of the United Fresh Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council, aimed at engaging marketers in the produce industry looking to reinvigorate their strategies with new and creative solutions.

Over 225 attendees joined to hear from experts on topics such as emotional marketing and connectedness, smart packaging, brand storytelling and best packaging practices to attract consumers.

The Presentation – “Disrupting the Game”

Representing CRP were two of our principals, Kathy Bintz Kenyon and Kristen Van Veen, who took the stage to share their insights on how innovative packaging may be a brand’s ticket to breaking through existing consumer patterns. Through our years of experience, we have found that the most compelling retail solutions exist where branding and packaging intersect. 

The presentation walked attendees through some of the key phases in developing a strong brand identity and how we ultimately translate those elements into packaging that resonates with target consumers and drives brand recognition and engagement.

A special thank you to our co-hosts Monte Package Company and the United Fresh Produce Association for an event that brought produce marketers from across the industry together. We thoroughly enjoyed the sense of community among fellow marketers and left with a fresh perspective and notebooks full of new ideas.