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2019 Word of the Year


With the changing of the calendar, 2018 is now in the rear view mirror. This past year we cultivated new client relationships, strengthened and built upon the ones that we had, moved into a beautiful new office space, and created experiences that matter. We leap into 2019 with so much gratitude for the year past and embrace the new year, which just so happens to mark our 40th birthday as a company!

In lieu of grand resolutions and in the spirit of starting fresh and anew, we decided to choose a word that we can use as a compass and mantra throughout 2019. Although we have our sights set on some big goals and projects for the new year, we wanted to choose one word to stay focused and motivated in the year ahead. It’s a practice that we borrowed from Melinda Gates, who states that for her, “…a well-chosen word of the year…makes the year better—and it helps me be better, too.“

With that said, our Word of the Year is:


Our intention is for this word to guide us in 2019 with resolve and align our aspirations for the twelve months ahead. For us, the word flourish relates to feelings of growth, wonder, and anticipation. Members of our team have illustrated in their own beautiful words what flourish means to them:

Flourish means to successfully thrive. It’s vibrant, positive and connotes new growth without feeling overly pushy. It paints a picture of what success looks like in 2019 for CRP – creativity rooted, cultivated, and ready to bloom.” – Kenna, Branding & Design Studio Manager

Flourish has a creative definition and a non-creative definition which is what CRP is all about: left brain; right brain.” – Valerie, Art Director

“I think flourish is a positive word that creates the image of exponential growth whether that be through learning something, creating stronger relationships with coworkers and clients, or becoming better at our specialty/craft this upcoming year.” – Danielle, Designer

“Growth is usually the go-to goal, but if you already have the right people in place and focus is aligned, we should all be able to flourish together. Rather than a bigger company, we will be better.” – Kerry, Design Director

“To flourish means to be in an environment that pushes and allows you to become a better version of yourself while also being on a shared mission with others.” – Jess, Marketing Consultant


Other members of our team shared their words of the year, which included: FLOURISH, FOCUS, COLLABORATE, DISCERNMENT, BALANCE, RENEW, FLOW, CELEBRATION & GRATITUDE.


 “Focus, in my opinion, is the number-one element of business success.” – Aurora, Sr. Accounting Manager

“I think we can use discernment to focus on our top priorities. I like the word focus because if we are focused on the leads and projects we want to pursue, then it should guide us to success.” – Lauren, Associate Account Executive


“I want 2019 to be all about collaboration with new/existing customers and internal team members. Only with collaboration, are we going to achieve everyone’s goals more efficiently, create true partnerships and have more fun doing it!” – Kyree, Business Development Director

“We collaborate as a team here.  Not only with our customers, but with each other.” – Jennifer, Account Manager


“Renew business and grow company relationships!” – Jimmy, Associate Account Executive


“As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary as a company, we are grateful for our accomplishments resulting from relationships with clients, suppliers and our team members.” – Kathy, CEO & Principal


“Discernment really encapsulates the way we need to think as collaborators, as partners in our company, with our clients, and to our partner vendors. It’s a great way to start the new year!” – Steve, Sr. Account Executive


“I would love for CRP to find its flow – that point at which we are ‘running downhill.’ This means taking on projects that fit our skill sets, finding synergy across all parts of the company, and creating impactful solutions for our clients.” – Kristen, Director of Strategic Development


Stay tuned for our first ever CRP Instagram giveaway contest – we would love to hear what your word of the year is that will help guide you in 2019.